Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rimmel & Maybelline Suuuuuccck!

Don't get me wrong not all their products SUCK
but here are ones that
def need a BIG caution sign posted somewhere
on the product. Lets start off with the rimmel colour rush trio
u see right above all these little words. This trio of colors is very very sheer. You need to apply it at least 5x's to get some decent color pay off. So I used two different bases
so u can compare and see which base would work best.
I came to the conclusion that either or works ok with this trio palette
but I think loreal decrease is a bit more better because the color shows a bit more.
So down below I swatched all 3 colors and with the loreal base i applied it 7x's just so it will show up on the pix. But with 3 or 4 applications onthe eye will do great. When I used the revlon based I applied the e/s 5x'S. Loreal Decrease Base(Above)
Revlon cream base(Below)

Final Thought: I think this particular trio is good for a daytime
look. Such as an interview, school,work, running errands EVEN THE BEACH! Since the colors are not as intense they are perfect for any any kind of day time activity or anywhere that is inappropriate to wear very outstanding makeup. Also, if your the type of gal that doesn't like to wear so much make up during the day time or at night this product will do you justice! The next review is about the maybelline dream mousse shadows.
Well..these little tricksters are garbage. I love the cute little jar and everything but it is an absolutely horrible product in my opinion. It should definitely be called dream crumbles because it is not moussy, creamy or smooth. The texture is very clumpy and hard to apply and smooth out the product. By the time you try to smooth it out 99.5% of the product is lost because it just crumbles up and doesn't stick on the eyelid.
This is how product looks when taken out of the jar.(above)
That's how the product looks while tryingto smooth it out(below)

So after 5 minutes of trying to smooth out this baby
this is what ends up happening..
Most the product is gone and as u can see some product left on my middle finger. Please feel free to click on all the pictures to enlarge them.
You can't do anything with this so called make up product, absolute waste of money. These are just my opinions and experiences you are definitely welcomed to try them out and experiment on yourself because it may work out for you. But I have researched around on the net and youtube and the majority don't have very good opinions bout this product. Anyway if you have any questions just ask away..

Take care my lovely's


мiмi =) said...

yeah, the maybelline dream matte muse stuff, i watched a review of it, and the chick, was like dont waste your money! clearly, when you hear it two times, you know not to mess w/ it. lol


»f o l l o w . m e | v i s i t . m e;*

BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

ohh noo the maybelline one looks really gross. the concept seems cool but it doesnt look right when u open the container.

i also agree with you on the rimmer trios. they were my first every drugstore eye shadows and i ended up throwing them away.

Glitterish Allsorts said...

I have no luck with rimmel trios either :(

ps: I'm having a benefit blog sale, come check it out :)

Nicole said...

i feel like its hit or miss with drugstore products.
that is horrible about that foundation. its weird cause i have a maybelline foundation that i absolutely love

Beauty Spot Craze said...

Nicole: i agre 100% but i never tried the mousse foundation only the mousse e/s so now im kinda scared to try the mousse products although i heard their foundations and blushes work well

mzc1ark24 said...

Wow,that's really sad because I have the Mousse Blush and it is great.I really wanted to get the Shadow........Oh well.Thanx 4 the review.