Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wedding Bells!

Last month I had the chance to do makeup for a bride. She wanted a natural yet noticeable makeup look. I did a pretrial first and tried out different shades of colors for the eyes, lips and face. Also, she wanted an airbrushed foundation for that flawless picture perfect look. I used my Luminess Air Airbrush system for her foundation.

During the pretrial we intended on doing this look for the wedding:

We changed our minds so the final makeup look for the wedding was a cream/burgundy color for the eyes with pink lips and cheeks.

She loved it! Hence the "I look like a victoria's secret model!" that she commented to me hehe. She looked gorgeous!

I had so much fun doing her makeup and it was a pleasure working with her she was such a sweet heart! Congrats on the wedding Katherine!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fashion Bug

Hey everyone I want to thank my new blog frenzies for following my site. It means so much and I kindly appreciate it.

Today I just wanted to post a few fashion items I purchased that I am in love with and some favorites in my wardrobe. Just in case u didn't see my latest video on youtube(youtube.com/beautymarxed)I mentioned if anyone wanted to see a video on my basic wardrobe essentials. Let me know if any of u guys want me to do a video on that.

In the meantime I wanted to show u these new sandals I bought this weekend for $10 at DD's Dicsounts! I needed a pair of cute strappy beige sandals. This color is just like black matches with EVERYTHING. I recommend a pair of beige and nude shoes in your basic wardrobe essentials.

Only thing I was a little "eh" about was the velcro buckle. I wish they were real buttons. Or at least made the velcro beige in color instead of white. Other than that they are so comfyyyy!

I did another DIY fashion trend besides my fleur de lis shirt and this one was so easyto do I didn't feel the need to make a video on it. There aren't that many steps to it anyway. I'm really into jean jackets and since I live in florida I don't really wear long sleeve jackets because it's too damn hot! I been meaning to look for a jean vest jacket and it's so rare to find. So I remembered I had this long sleeve cropped jean jacket that I barely wear and transformed it into this............

I cut the sleeves up and made a sleeveless jean lil' outerwear!

I feel that a jean jacket is a must outerwear wardrobe essential as well! In hot climates it's best to have the vest jean jacket or leather vest(rawwr) that's what I want next in my wardrobe. It will def be a challenge to find!

Anyways till next time..comment me if u would like me to do a more in depth video on my wardrobe essentials. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Current Faves Sneak Peak

Howdy! lol

I will be making a video soon about my current faves right after my highly requested spring makeup video which I am really excited to do. So stay tuned and if u haven't already subscribe to my channel at youtube.com/beautymarxed I appreciate the support!

So I'm not going to show all my faves at the moment just a snippet the rest I will do in a video.


-ELF "Lip stain" Fashionista

-Pronto Nail Polish(has no name let's just call it "nude")

Perfect nude spring np to match any colored outfit and great for work!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If your looking for a hot trend to rock for this spring, long chain fringe earrings are the way to go!

Fresh off the runway everybody seems to be sporting them like crazy...

Even BEYONCE!...I love the chic flare these earrings give off.

Why are her brows always so black now, their annoying me lol.
Check out how to make these long chain fringe earrings yourself!
I made my own fleur de lis shirt hehe it was real easy...might do a vid on how to make these fun stylish lounge shirts...not sure tho or should I? Let me know if your interested.

Play the video down below and check it out.

Nuesrta Belleza Latinas

If u don't know bout this beauty pageant already check it out on univision if u like watching stuff like that. So my favorite contestant had to be Juliet Cabrera because of her amazing sex appeal. Out of all the beautiful ladies She stood out more to me because she has this natural sex appeal about her. Also her rock hard abs, looks kinda of manly for my taste but she is the most fit out of all of them. Anyways she was disqualified so in honor of her participation on the show I decided to do this makeup look she had on the show before they dismissed her.

Check out the live step by step how to vid on my channel and comment. Let me know what u think, it's boring when nobody comments =/ feels like I'm talking to myself. Anyways here is the look, enjoy my mini photoshoot session I had with my cam =)

Click on the video for the tutorial.