Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fashion Bug

Hey everyone I want to thank my new blog frenzies for following my site. It means so much and I kindly appreciate it.

Today I just wanted to post a few fashion items I purchased that I am in love with and some favorites in my wardrobe. Just in case u didn't see my latest video on youtube( mentioned if anyone wanted to see a video on my basic wardrobe essentials. Let me know if any of u guys want me to do a video on that.

In the meantime I wanted to show u these new sandals I bought this weekend for $10 at DD's Dicsounts! I needed a pair of cute strappy beige sandals. This color is just like black matches with EVERYTHING. I recommend a pair of beige and nude shoes in your basic wardrobe essentials.

Only thing I was a little "eh" about was the velcro buckle. I wish they were real buttons. Or at least made the velcro beige in color instead of white. Other than that they are so comfyyyy!

I did another DIY fashion trend besides my fleur de lis shirt and this one was so easyto do I didn't feel the need to make a video on it. There aren't that many steps to it anyway. I'm really into jean jackets and since I live in florida I don't really wear long sleeve jackets because it's too damn hot! I been meaning to look for a jean vest jacket and it's so rare to find. So I remembered I had this long sleeve cropped jean jacket that I barely wear and transformed it into this............

I cut the sleeves up and made a sleeveless jean lil' outerwear!

I feel that a jean jacket is a must outerwear wardrobe essential as well! In hot climates it's best to have the vest jean jacket or leather vest(rawwr) that's what I want next in my wardrobe. It will def be a challenge to find!

Anyways till next time..comment me if u would like me to do a more in depth video on my wardrobe essentials. Thanks for reading and commenting!


Hilda Madrigal said...

i love cropped jean jackets! Good choice!

Nikkay said...

I love jean waistcoats! so cute x

Beautymarxed said...

Thank u for your comments girls!