Friday, November 19, 2010

Sonia Kashuk Highlighting Brush

I find that this brush is great for stippling in and blending out foundation. Unfortunately not just any foundation can work well with this brush. Throughout my experimenting with this brush I find that it works well with any kind of foundations that are lightweight and and not so thick in consistency.

The Purpose of this brush is to help contour and highlight different parts of the face. But I find that hard to acheive with this brush due to the following reason:

Bristles are flimsy- they are not dense enough to give you the right amount or correct placing to the area being applied.

If the bristles were more packed in towards each other instead of easily spreading away from each other I think this could possibly work for contouring.

As for highlighting I think it can work but u might get some on the apples of your cheek. You can always make it work by holding and pressing in the bristles together with your fingers instead of holding the handle of the brush.

The brush can be used for blush but again I feel that it will be to messy due to the lack of denseness of the bristles. I simply lightly brush the product on my cheeks and try not to press the brush against your face in order to keep the brush dense.

As for bronzer I think this can work great. If you like to apply your bronzer all over the face this will work for you. The brush picks up the perfect amount of bronzer while giving you the ability of blending it out easily with its soft bristles.

(the bristles are dirty with foundation)

I honestly find this brush better for stippling on foundation. Actually I only use it for that reason. A couple of good things about it is that it is affordable
(12.99), easy to clean and the bristles don't fall out on your face while applying product.

Other than that I love the white handle with the silver entailing around the bristles, brings elegance to the brush.