Tuesday, June 15, 2010


If you don't know bout this infamous crystal glass let me tell u what u should know. This crystal is known to be of very high quality throughout many jewelers. Best known for its sparkling effects which gives out in a rainbow spectrum. With it's oil slick appearance which makes it so much more intriguing to the naked eye.

Ok so swarovski crystals range from crystal sculptures, miniatures, jewelery, couture, home decor and chandeliers. Which can be very pricey for the average person ranging from $200 and up.

LUX ADDIXTION decided to create a phone case that is top quality hand-crafted with these crystals for a variety of phones/devices at a reasonable price. I had the honor of receiving one of these beautiful phone case and tell all my viewers about it!

Introducing you the newest,cutest, most flyest case phones ever made!! And GUESS WHAT!?....They are made with REAL swarvoski crystals.

In my honest opinion I believe this phone case is amazing, definitely helps protect the phone from getting scratched up or if u drop your phone. The crystals are glued in real firmly on a strong plastic case. They have many different colors and designs for the cases. They can also be custom made. Please check them out at luxaddiction.com FREE SHIPPING!!(in the US)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sonia Kashuk Full Glam Eye Lashes

HELLOO, HOW U DOING! (respushya voice)

I would like to say that I'm in love with sonia kashuk eye lashes!!! Yes! If u didn't know they sell them at target for 4.99

Their great! Very comparable to RED CHERRY LASHES, Check out the pixs...

I am in love with this lipstick also! Its from NYX called "sunflower" Although this might be to loud for ordinary people to wear during the daytime I don't care i'll wear it but it's perfect for the night time!

It is a red orange shade...looks great if u add a pink l/s on top then the color changes to a coral/pinkish shade which I'm loving that color right now.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Michael Todd Cosmetics

Michael Todd is a famous cosmetic brand among the makeup artist community. If you haven't heard of them yet please go check them out at michaeltoddcosmetics.com(free shipping world wide) or check them out here also www.allcosmeticswholesale.com

They sell many products not just makeup skincare products makeup brushes and fragrances. They also sell cosmetics and skin care products for men. They also have mineral makeup for men and women.

In my opinion this company is very comparable to Mac cosmetics. I would say the quality is the same. Their not cheap but they are def worth the investment.

So on that note the company sent me some of their products which I am loving at the moment. I received a vivid glace l/g called "Sucker". It's $17 but it might be cheaper on the wholesale site. It's a soft sheer pink coral color. But it's a great gloss stays on the lips for a while and its very smooth and shiny. It has no scent to it.

Also, I received an EVERYTHING STICK in "Dixie" the original price is 26.99 but on the wholesale site it's 16.99

(TOP:dixie BOTTOM:sucker l/g)

This is used for the eyes, lips and cheeks. It's a soft pink/golden shade. It does crease after a couple of hours. I use it as a base then apply e/s on top it works better that way and I love the color it gives to my lips and cheeks!

I am wearing the everything stick on my lips and cheeks. I have the sucker l/g on top of the dixie too.