Tuesday, June 15, 2010


If you don't know bout this infamous crystal glass let me tell u what u should know. This crystal is known to be of very high quality throughout many jewelers. Best known for its sparkling effects which gives out in a rainbow spectrum. With it's oil slick appearance which makes it so much more intriguing to the naked eye.

Ok so swarovski crystals range from crystal sculptures, miniatures, jewelery, couture, home decor and chandeliers. Which can be very pricey for the average person ranging from $200 and up.

LUX ADDIXTION decided to create a phone case that is top quality hand-crafted with these crystals for a variety of phones/devices at a reasonable price. I had the honor of receiving one of these beautiful phone case and tell all my viewers about it!

Introducing you the newest,cutest, most flyest case phones ever made!! And GUESS WHAT!?....They are made with REAL swarvoski crystals.

In my honest opinion I believe this phone case is amazing, definitely helps protect the phone from getting scratched up or if u drop your phone. The crystals are glued in real firmly on a strong plastic case. They have many different colors and designs for the cases. They can also be custom made. Please check them out at luxaddiction.com FREE SHIPPING!!(in the US)

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