Friday, January 27, 2012

Short Story Poem

Standing on top of a hill I pray that all will be good..
My daddy said don't mind the woods..soon enough they'll heal your wounds
So I take a deep breath of the silky mist air
and let the wind flow through my hair while I rejoice that all will be fair.

-yours truly

I like writing short little poems/stories like these when I'm stressed out beyond belief and really when words or phrases just pop into my brain at the time when Im feeling in the writer mode.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hungry For Makeup?

Please request your makeup looks for valentines, date night, celebrity or any other makeup look you would like for me to recreate. Keep the votes coming! So far majority of votes are aiming for makeup/celebrity makeup inspired videos! 19 days left for the voting poll =]

Thank you to those that have voted, gives me MORE motivation to get these makeup vids on the ball!

Leave comments below on any request/suggestions or links to favorite makeup looks you would like for me to recreate.