Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dollar Chonga Haul

Hi!  Just wanted to say i have an awesome dollar store that is asian owned it's not your typical trademark "Dollar tree" or "General Dollar" .  They sell all kinds of goodies from cute socks, sandals, slippers,undies, makeup and tank tops but what i love the most is their fashion accessories which seem to always have the lastest trend available.  I did a liittle haul back then on my youtube that you can check out (actually i think i posted it up on my blog a while back too) and I made another trip to the $1 store and splurged some more on the accessories, everything was a dollar!

I been thinking that alot of cities have their own little unique shops like these.  I just wish i could have a penpal/shoppal(i guess) in every city to experience and exchange different styles and trends...but u just can't trust so many people now and days.  If any of u are bloggers or vloggers who wish to exchange goodies please let me know!
Love these hoops, like the Evelyn Lozada inspired hoopies :] I just love big hooped earrings! guess its the chonga/latina side of me, I just feel they frame my face you all ever feel that way about earrings?  I feel naked and ugly without them lol..I know so shallow of me. Anyway like my pale like i need water lips??

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Make Up Forever HD Foundation

 I am not really feeling this foundation.  In my opinion it is not that fabulous.  Check out my video for my review on the product!  Let me know your thoughts and opinions.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Casual Outfits

I blocked My hello kitty shirt while taking pix :[

SOOooo I usually dress casually cute on the weekends because during the week I'm usually working like a dog.  For the past several weekends I have taken little snapshots of the outfits I have worn.  'm very into fashion it was my first love before makeup so I decided to do a post to share my style and maybe inspire those looking for inspirations for daily casual wear. Enjoy the pixs!

I loveeee accessories too, I'm such a girly
  girl laawwwd!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Secret Acne Regimen

Hello Beauties!  Enjoy my video as I speak about a product that worked out for me to help clear my skin and prevent acne breakouts..

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