Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dollar Chonga Haul

Hi!  Just wanted to say i have an awesome dollar store that is asian owned it's not your typical trademark "Dollar tree" or "General Dollar" .  They sell all kinds of goodies from cute socks, sandals, slippers,undies, makeup and tank tops but what i love the most is their fashion accessories which seem to always have the lastest trend available.  I did a liittle haul back then on my youtube that you can check out (actually i think i posted it up on my blog a while back too) and I made another trip to the $1 store and splurged some more on the accessories, everything was a dollar!

I been thinking that alot of cities have their own little unique shops like these.  I just wish i could have a penpal/shoppal(i guess) in every city to experience and exchange different styles and trends...but u just can't trust so many people now and days.  If any of u are bloggers or vloggers who wish to exchange goodies please let me know!
Love these hoops, like the Evelyn Lozada inspired hoopies :] I just love big hooped earrings! guess its the chonga/latina side of me, I just feel they frame my face you all ever feel that way about earrings?  I feel naked and ugly without them lol..I know so shallow of me. Anyway like my pale like i need water lips??

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