Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No More Dry Toe Cuticles!

Hey Ladies so summer is right around the corner but for me UNFORTUNATELY it's all year round. We know we want to have them hands and toes looking fresssh so i introduce you to sally hansen cuticle massage cream. A while back I found this product at walmart for $6 bucks I think and a little goes a loooong way. Had the cream for about 6 months and the consistency is still good as new. Basically what I really use it for is for my toes cuticles because I tend to dry up around those areas. It works great makes my toes look super soft and smooth. It has a peachy/apricot scent to it which smells sooo good. Not overly greasy at all and absorbs quickly into the skin. Soothes hangnails as well. It is also suppose to make your nails stronger and grow faster but I don't agree with that due to my experience with the product. I also use it before I remove my cuticles. (FYI: Pulling back nail cuticles helps nails grow faster!) I massage in some cream on my cuticles and surrounding skin then push back my cuticles so it makes it easier and doesn't damage the skin around my nails. I rate it a 5/5 Any other hand/ toe creams you recommend, I want to know!!?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Milani"Even toned" Powder Foundation

Milani's powder foundation claims to give you full coverage but in my opinion it doesn't. It does some minor cover ups but I see it more as a loose powder. Retails for about $8 and in my opinion that's too much. Reason being doesn't bring enough product and it's not full coverage.

Multimedia message

After 6-7 uses I already hit pan and that's not because I use it everyday. 
This is great for people who have light or no blemishes/acne.  If u have minor skin tone uneveness this will def help gives u a nice smooth soft  finish.  Lasting power not so great  maybe 5 hours tops without touching the face or sweating.
It has two compartments one with a mirror with the foundation and another to place the sponge it brings. I give it a 3/5 perfect for quick on the go errand type makeup. 

What are your thoughts on it?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Say a little prayer...

A NOTE TO GOD: Please help while I sit around and contemplate why life has flipped around..I wonder y u put this in my path when I'm in  need to run and hide from lifes suicidal strive..Although  I been blessed with what now is called a mess I confide in u to get me thru this puzzle muse...
-written by yours truly


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hope you remember my perfume on u, After I..

If u don't know already by the title that's a line in one of chris browns songs. It's called "Perfume" and I love that song it's sexy =)
coincidentally my short post is on the perfume I'm loving at the moment lol, So yes i ADORE juicy couture especially their bags and clothing but my favorite is their perfumes!

THE ORGINAL my first love
from juicy

also by juicy couture

Both of these perfumes have a decent staying power
the smell doesn't fade away so fast
but the orginal is a more stronger scent than the viva la juicy.
if you are looking for a perfume that has a very long staying power and can be smelled from a 10 mile distance, well that's a slight exaggeration but
check out

This perfume gets me compliments all the time ALL DAY from women and MEN! One of the best perfumes of all time in my opinion! Me and my mom are obssessed with it. All u need is literally one spray and u will smell it instantly with no effort. It also has a lotion perfume and it has the best staying power FOR A LOTION.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Let's Blaze it up!

Introducing the hottest blazer in the world!! She's my new best friend and I only got her for $15 at Jcpenny. Of course she was on sale, her original price was $60
Had to get me it because I'm learning more and more about this lil blazer trend and hunnies their not just for work now. They make a FASHION STATEMENT! They can be dressed up and down which I loooove so much. And since I am getting older I want to learn to dress more age appropiate because the last thing I wanna do is be 50 years old and still be wearing spandex tights and a short tight top lol
These are two of y favorite jewlery pieces from my stash
bracelet from jcpenny and necklace from forever 21

These sandals are my fave right now..I seen them before at Wilsons Leather Store but they were $20 and the were all black BUT I told myself thats too much for some cheap ass sandals SOOO I waited to see if they would go on sale for a while and with no intent of looking elsewhere for them GUESS WHAT.....YES i found them at walmart for only 10 freaken dollars!

Ahhh toes! I think their the ugliest part on a human being LOL
It's rare for someone to have cute toes

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Concealing Those Imperfections

Concealing is a big part for acne prone/dark circles/age spots/dark spots/scarring basically any imperfection of the skin that you would like to cover up for a more clean, smoother, appearance to the skin. So I found this Pysician's Formula Conceal Rx: Physician Strength concealer. I don't know what the point is to give it a long ass name like this but WHATEVSS..I am liking this product because first and foremost it does a good job at covering up. A little dab goes a long way.

It is also not damaging to the skin and I don't find that it clogs up my pores. I have been using it for a good two months and still have product remaining. Its suppose to last 12 hours but I find it's a little less than that UNLESS you use a good foundation or powder foundation to hold it up. Besides that I find when I apply this over any speed bumps(pimples) it tends to dry it up thus helping it heal.

It's very light weight and easy to apply and blend out. The consistency is not as smooth as I would like it to be but Im guess because its an oil free base product. Its also non-comedogenic and fragrance free which in turn helps your skin to breath while having make up on. Retails about $8 at any drugstore. I haven't seen it in walmart tho.

I snatched up a green for the redness or ancne and the beige to even out my skin tone and hide blemishes.

I wouldn't recommend using it for under eye only around and under tearducts but nothing past that. It tends to cake up and settle into fine lines.

Ahhh VEINS! lol I have vainy hands SO WHAT! I was once told that means that I am an artistic person and I would like to believe so =P