Sunday, December 5, 2010

HOT Neon PINK Lips

Hey Blogettes!
Haven't updated on blogspot in a while so I thought I would do so now. I find making videos is a little more better and faster because u can just record and then whenever its convenient for u, u can just edit vid and upload. Writing is a little too boring for me idk when it comes to beauty I perfer making vids than blogging unless its something really short like this blog today, hehe! Oh yes as u can tell by the picture above I cut my own bangs and decided to bring back them blunt fringes.

So if u still don't follow me on twitter u should! I upload lots of random pixs on there and we can get to know each other better too. Anywho, I tweeted about finding the perfect hot neon pink lipstick. It seems to be a hot trend amongst many of the hollywood celebrities and well I looooove hot neon PINK, what girl doesn't *shrugs shoulders*

Little did I know all along I had that baby hiding under all my other lipsticks. There she was just starring right at me EEEeeeK! Let me tell u this color looks flattering on all skin types!The lipstick has a blue undertone to it which enhances the white in your teeth giving u the most stunning pearly whites without going to the dentist lol!

No but seriously check this color out if u are interested in the hot pinks!

NYX"Chloe" L/S