Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Luminess Air Airbrush Cosmetics System

Hey ladies are you tired of rubbing your makeup onto your skin? I know I am and that's why I decided to try out something different. The most recent makeup fad is the airbrush makeup! You might know about this trend or not but it's been around for quite a while especially in the celebrity world. Even though it can be costly it is definitely a good product to invest. Especially great to have for them special occasions such as weddings or proms. Many people have a misconception that it's only for professionals in the makeup industries. As this is true, it may also be used by ordinary people like yourself and I. Contrary to what you may be thinking this airbrush system is very easy to use and believe it or not less time consuming.

My number one reason why I love this airbrush system besides the facts mentioned earlier is that the foundation that is used does not smudge, smear, stain or transfer onto your clothes or hands. Once it is applied to the face it instantly dries giving no time for any transferable errors. Another reason why I love this is that the
foundation last a long time on your skin with no necessary touch-ups.

A second reason I love this stuff is that as easy as it is to apply its as easy as taking it off. I don't have to rinse it off more than once without worrying about any extra makeup residue left behind. It comes off just as easy even with plain old water.

Third reason, It hides your pores and fine lines! Creating beautiful youthful, radiant skin which is what I aim for this day in age from my foundation products since I'm in my late 20's already, YIKES! I want something that will help me remain looking younger and younger besides the option of the EXPENSIVE plastic surgery route.

The airbrush cosmetic system gives you a gorgeous natural finish unlike regular foundations which tend to look more cakey and feel heavy on the skin.

I actually thought it would take long to apply my foundation with the airbrush system but it was surprisingly a lot quicker than using brushes. Reason being, you don't waste time using any sponges or brushes to apply product and you don't spend more time blending it into the skin. Takes just a few minutes to get use to.

With that said, I would like to introduce you to Luminess Air, an amazing well-known cosmetic airbrush and tanning system company. They gave me the wonderful opportunity to try out their system and overall I am satisfied with their product. It works great and I had no problem learning how to use the system. It comes with an instructional dvd and booklet guide as well as four different shades so you can custom blend the foundation and get the right color-match for your skin. Also, you can use the foundations as concealers. I love the fact that they have five systems to choose from(each one with their own name) starting with a more basic to a professional and more advance kit. The system I have is the illuminess(1 speed). It comes with two eye shadows and a blush! What I love most is that the system is compact. It includes its own travel and storage kit making it convenient for traveling.

The cost is way more affordable than any other brands I have seen and even then you can make monthly payments if you can't or don't want to pay the full amount right away.

One thing I would like to point out is that if you have mild to severe acne I would not recommend using airbrushed foundation. With my experience using this product the formula of the foundation is just too thin to smooth out the appearance of my mild acne. Although, it did cover up my redness and acne very well I felt that the the consistency is to thin and did not do such a good job at giving the illusion of soft, smooth skin. I have Plenty other foundations high end and drugstore, that provide a better job at softening and smoothing out my face bumps.

(Brings 4 different shades to customize and be able to fit your exact skintone; included to the far right is the airbrush blush)

On the downside, I don't like so much the cost of the eye shadows and foundation. I think it's a little too overpriced but then again the product will last you for quite a while.

Also, the eye shadows are a bit harder to apply to the eye if your going for a more smokey look, takes some practice before you can master that technique! Another thing about the eye shadows is that they take longer to dry than the foundation which can cause slight creasing or a mud like appearance if you blink before the e/s dries and its hard to fix it because the makeup is smudge proof. But a little powdered eye shadow can do the trick!

So far their cosmetics are only available on their website but they will soon be sold at Ulta! So please feel free to check them out especially if your a makeup artist or just interested in trying a new, easy and quick way to apply makeup.

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(The picture below is me wearing the airbrush foundation, click on pic to ENLARGE.)

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