Sunday, August 30, 2009

Megan Fox Inspired

Hello there hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!! This is my LOTD it was inspired by the lovely actress MEGAN FOX! Check yhe vid out on my tube for more info on how to and what products I used... Click on the link to go to video-->
Take care sexy'SSss

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rimmel & Maybelline Suuuuuccck!

Don't get me wrong not all their products SUCK
but here are ones that
def need a BIG caution sign posted somewhere
on the product. Lets start off with the rimmel colour rush trio
u see right above all these little words. This trio of colors is very very sheer. You need to apply it at least 5x's to get some decent color pay off. So I used two different bases
so u can compare and see which base would work best.
I came to the conclusion that either or works ok with this trio palette
but I think loreal decrease is a bit more better because the color shows a bit more.
So down below I swatched all 3 colors and with the loreal base i applied it 7x's just so it will show up on the pix. But with 3 or 4 applications onthe eye will do great. When I used the revlon based I applied the e/s 5x'S. Loreal Decrease Base(Above)
Revlon cream base(Below)

Final Thought: I think this particular trio is good for a daytime
look. Such as an interview, school,work, running errands EVEN THE BEACH! Since the colors are not as intense they are perfect for any any kind of day time activity or anywhere that is inappropriate to wear very outstanding makeup. Also, if your the type of gal that doesn't like to wear so much make up during the day time or at night this product will do you justice! The next review is about the maybelline dream mousse shadows.
Well..these little tricksters are garbage. I love the cute little jar and everything but it is an absolutely horrible product in my opinion. It should definitely be called dream crumbles because it is not moussy, creamy or smooth. The texture is very clumpy and hard to apply and smooth out the product. By the time you try to smooth it out 99.5% of the product is lost because it just crumbles up and doesn't stick on the eyelid.
This is how product looks when taken out of the jar.(above)
That's how the product looks while tryingto smooth it out(below)

So after 5 minutes of trying to smooth out this baby
this is what ends up happening..
Most the product is gone and as u can see some product left on my middle finger. Please feel free to click on all the pictures to enlarge them.
You can't do anything with this so called make up product, absolute waste of money. These are just my opinions and experiences you are definitely welcomed to try them out and experiment on yourself because it may work out for you. But I have researched around on the net and youtube and the majority don't have very good opinions bout this product. Anyway if you have any questions just ask away..

Take care my lovely's

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Elle VideoStar

Check me out and vote for me at: So I decided to enter in the contest that Elle magazine is hosting. It's just for fun but if u do win you get a $250 worth of cosmetic products and a chance to appear as the videostar of Elle's magazine! Even though lots of famous youtube beauty gurus have entered I still went on and added mine as well. I encourage all u ladies out there that do videos on beauty enter the contest!! It will be super fun and you can enter as many videos as you like. I am guessing they determine the winner by picking the video that has the most views.. So hurry up ladies and send those vids in!

I was also requested to do a playboy look SOOOOOOOOO this is what I came up with..Hope u likes!!! I f interested in watching the step by step process on how to achieve this look click here:

Tried to be a bit creative in this pix lol..
Anyway good day all!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Curl short Hair

Hey gorgeouses!!

Check my how to curl short hair vid on youtube with my con air instant heat curling iron! Comment and rate, pretty please =)
click here-->


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crimping Results!


The results are in! I finally made a crimping video with my new bed head dual's quick easy and fun to do so go check it out if you'd like,click here--->

I did my own bangs to AHHH! I was experimenting with looks, not really liking how they look on me but oh well something new and fun I suppose! Hope everyone has a lovely week!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mac Rose it up!


I replicated the look that I had on my youtube what's in your purse vid...some of u blogettes wanted to see a tut on it so i decided to do it but I kinda switched it up a bit. Instead of the orginal look which had revved up pigment on the lid I replaced it with rose pigment. Also, for the original look I deepened my crease with sketch this time i did it with a black e/s from my 56 coastal scents palette! Then I decided to add a different lip color from milani in bella-tini. I loooove that lip color anyway check it out, click on this link--->

This is the original look with
revved up pig. and sketch e/s

New look with rose pigment and black e/s in crease
I really like how this one came out better

Let me know which one is your fave one, i would love to know! If you have any questions ask away!! Hope everyone is having a nice day.....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kim Kardashian Cleopatra Inspired

Hi there!
Another kim k look using very affordable products. In the vid I also included some contouring on the cheeks and how to make lips fuller.

Check out the vid for more info if you'd like.
Click here for the vid--->

Hope u stop by the channel and show some support!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bed Head Dual Waver Review

Hey there gorgeous people!

First off I wanna give thanks to all the other lovely bloggers that have chosen to follow my blog and share their wonderful comments on my blogs. It's really appreciated and please if your a follower of mine and I haven't followed u yet please let me know about your blog I am very interested in all you bloggers out there. =)

Shall we move on...

Ok so has anybody heard of the Bed Head Dual Waver??? Don't worry if u haven't your about to become familiar with it today, hahaha! I decided to do a mini review on this hair iron that I bought a while back. What's a dual waver you say? Well it's also known as a crimper.. YES A CRIMPER.. It's supose to make your hair look like u have little waves in your hair strands. I know it may sound weird but for those of you who don't know what I am talking about let me just say before I go any further let me show you an example. Here's a picture of madonna and lindsay lohan with crimped up waves..personally I like lindsay's waves but what's up with her makeup and well madonna...looks cracked out lol

Well I will be doing a tutorial on this look this weekend and post some pictures up on my blog so you can see how this particular waver works out for me on my hair.

I love crimpers and how they make your hair look it's just super cute and girly in my opinion. So this waver/crimper is ok. I say this because even though the highest heat setting is 400 degrees it doesnt really crimp the hair, the heat isn't strong enough. You have to put hairspray before you crimp to get those little deep waves. I bought it at Ulta for $35. I also love that it is purple haha and it lights up when u turn it on(i'm such a ditz) I get amused easily lmao!

The fact that the waver does have tourmaline ionic and ceramic barrels is one of the reasons why I like this waver. Tourmaline ionic means that it is going to provide shine, smooth out the hair and tame the frizz. Also, it has an adjustable styling barrel in order for you to choose between deep or shallow waves. SO that's pretty cool.

To wrap this review up I think it's a decent waver when applying hairspray before crimping the hair...I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. If u have any questions about this waver please do ask. Thanks again for joining me at my blog!

Take Care!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kim Kardashian Inspired Makeup

Hey bloggers =)

I am so deeply excited for what I'm about to tell u lol. I don't know why this excites me so much but it does and it makes me feel special hahaha.. Well if u can tell by the picture, u probably can't because it's so small but...I am #89 MOST SUBSCRIBED GURU OF THE MONTH!!! YAY =)

That makes me feel proud of myself, yes I know I am a loser and actually took pictures of it hahaha

Anyway back to what I was really gonna tell u..I made this new kim kardashian inspired look for a contest that princessannie is hosting. If u haven't checked her out please do, she's super sweet.

Kim K is such a hottie and she has great style and gorgeous makeup and hair! And so many girls wanna look like her lmao..anyway If u wanna check out how I did this look and what products I used click on this link--->

my eyes look so eveil lmao..
anyway take care everyone!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello AGAIN!

LOL so i been on a roll with the blogging ehh? But Who cares, RIGHT? Just coming by rreal quick to let u know that I posted a what's in my purse tag vid on youtube.

Just click on this link it will take you to my channel and it should be my most recent post...

If u haven't got tagged I'm tagging u now and if u don't have a youtube just blog it! Let me know if u do I wanna be nosy and see what'cha carry in ya purse!

I'm also contemplating on whether I should do a tutorial on this look for youtube..Please let me know if u think I should, hehehe..

I used revved up pigment by mac on my lid and sketch e/s in the crease
as well as other purples in my CS palette

Just a lil' random goofy pix to make u guys laugh
it cracks me up lol

Anyways take care and have a blessed day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hello again and welcome.. So I decided to do a lime green smokey look. The eye makeup looks waaaay darker in person once again the camera doesn't do any justice to these colors.. There all so vibrant and beautiful especially with brown eyes. It reall makes the greens POP, lol.

Here's what I used:

EYE Products:
Lid-NYX jumbo pencil in milk as an all over base
-Mac chartreuse pigment

Outer V and Crease- Used my darkest green and black shade from my coastal scents 56 palette
-Lash Blast Mascara
-HIP Cream Liner(great stuff)

Cheeks-Mac refined golden bronzer(LOVE IT)
Lips-NYX REA lipstick and NYX lipgloss in NATURAL

Check out these cute earrings I got at Charlotte Russe!
It was 2 for $8 on all accessories

Let me know if you have any questions
Take care now =)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fresh Skin Brings Big smiles

Hi there everyone, hope all is well!

Here are a couple of things that I love which are cheap good products and work well with my skin type in MY OPINION =)

I guess u can say my skin type is normal meaning it's not to dry or oily it's just in between. Back when I started high school my face was real oily but as when u get older the texture changes. I love washing off my makeup with good cleansing and exfoliating products. It's very important to exfoliate those dead skin cells once every week but I like doing it twice a week. This helps get rid of any excess residue, dirt and dead skin cells in order to prevent skin outbreaks and other impurities that comes with the game.

Cleansing helps remove makeup, oils on the skin and unclog pores. A moisturizer with SPF 30 is great to use becuase it delivers anti-aging ingredients and protects the skin from sun damage. Also, it helps keep the skin smooth and hydrated no matter if u have dry or oily skin. So with that said here goes my face routine for now. Check out this site for more info:

First I apply my moisturizer which is called Green Tea day cream which has dead sea minerals and green tea extracts. Its perfect for me it does not irritate or breakout my skin. It came a a pack with a facial mask but I haven't tried it yet. I bought it at big lots for $5, great deal. But I don't really know where else to get it I have never seen it anywhere else. The product has glycerin which is a humectant that helps keep skin hydrated. Smells ok goes on smooth and light. The downside is that it does not have any SPF.

After moisturizing I apply my face primer if I am going out for a girls night or I want my makeup to last on for a long time then I go on to my foundation. Then before I go to bed I cleanse my face with Neutrogena's one step gentle cleanser. This cleanser claims to completely remove the makeup off of your face. It definetly does the job!! In just one cleanse it removes 99.1 % of it. I generally like cleansing twice so it really gets the job done if not I sometimes use a cleansing wipe.

Then after cleansing I exfoliate but I don't exfoliate everyday just twice a week. I use Neutrogena's Deep Clean Gentle Scrub oil free. This formula is gentle enough to use everyday but what I like that it removes my makeup too and leaves my face soft, hydrated and GLOWY. It's like I can really tell it removed all that dead skin and dirt.

I don't really use toners because I don't have that much of an oily face and plus their job duties are the same as a facial cleanser. But back in high school i did use a toner which was the infamous Witch Hazel, and oddly I love the smell of that toner=)

Also check this link out to read more about toners:

One more thing, with my moisturizer since it doesn't have SPF I use this Lancome moisturizer which really doesn't work well for me when applied alone. It's too greasy and breaks me out. So when I mix the two together, my moisturizer and the lancome moisturizer it works really well. Does not break me out at all.

Look at my cute bracelet hehe I got for $10 at the mall..It has cute lil charms. The bow on it stole my heart that's y I bought it lol..i love bows!!

Hope u enjoyed my blogging today and if u have any questions ask away ladies if u have any recommendations on any other good cheap skin products let a sista know, hehe!!
Have a great day!
..Take care..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

NYX Lip Kraze

Hey everyone,

I'm here to give ya a few lil' lip swatches from NYX. I know there are tons of reviews on these darling babies but I wanna give my own review from my own experiences with them.

Let's start off by saying that the price is perfect and the packaging is cute. Not expensive at all, at cherryculture I think it's $2 for one of these lippies. If u get it at Ulta it's going to cost u $5 I think, maybe in your area it might be different.

But these are great inexpensive lipsticks that moisturize my lips and go on smoothly...I don't even need a lipgloss on top of these lipsticks because their just that creamy. The color payoff is great and they have a great smell to them (some don't really have a smell)

The only thing I don't like is that they don't last long on the lips with any sip or bite u take into anything some of the color will come off, not completely but some.

The infamous "THALIA"
this is just a mauvey pink
looks much darker in person

"baby pink" this is a REALLY
frosty light pink don't get it
unless u like reallly frosty metallic lips, lol

"Iced honey" it's a frosty peach color
one of my faves!

"circe" nude light peach
one of my fave lippies to do a nude lip

"rea" this is a nude pale beige
the pix doesn't do the color any justice, but its a much darker nude color than circe
I actually love it especially wearing i with dark smokey eye looks

Hopefully this helped anybody deciding what colors to get if you were interested in any of these..Let me know bout your experiences too with these NYX lippies girls!

take care!