Sunday, August 9, 2009

NYX Lip Kraze

Hey everyone,

I'm here to give ya a few lil' lip swatches from NYX. I know there are tons of reviews on these darling babies but I wanna give my own review from my own experiences with them.

Let's start off by saying that the price is perfect and the packaging is cute. Not expensive at all, at cherryculture I think it's $2 for one of these lippies. If u get it at Ulta it's going to cost u $5 I think, maybe in your area it might be different.

But these are great inexpensive lipsticks that moisturize my lips and go on smoothly...I don't even need a lipgloss on top of these lipsticks because their just that creamy. The color payoff is great and they have a great smell to them (some don't really have a smell)

The only thing I don't like is that they don't last long on the lips with any sip or bite u take into anything some of the color will come off, not completely but some.

The infamous "THALIA"
this is just a mauvey pink
looks much darker in person

"baby pink" this is a REALLY
frosty light pink don't get it
unless u like reallly frosty metallic lips, lol

"Iced honey" it's a frosty peach color
one of my faves!

"circe" nude light peach
one of my fave lippies to do a nude lip

"rea" this is a nude pale beige
the pix doesn't do the color any justice, but its a much darker nude color than circe
I actually love it especially wearing i with dark smokey eye looks

Hopefully this helped anybody deciding what colors to get if you were interested in any of these..Let me know bout your experiences too with these NYX lippies girls!

take care!


Nicole said...

these are beautiful. i have actually never had a NYX lipstick but everyone raves about them so im probably gunna pick some up!

Amelia said...

Those colors are so pretty. I've never tried a NYX lipstick, but I really want to.

BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

gorgeous swatches. i love nyx lippies. first i hated them but now i love them. Youre right, the only downside is that theyre not long lasting but i just set it and re apply and it helps a little bit lol.

Jess said...

Thanks for this post! The nyx lipsticks look really nice on you! I will definitely have to try them out! My favorite on you is iced honey and circe.

MzAddy said...

thanks for being my first follower...heheh nice the lipstick colors...:D

Rai said...

I absolutely love NYX lip products!

Chenni said...

wow, you have perfect gorgeous lips. jealous.