Sunday, December 5, 2010

HOT Neon PINK Lips

Hey Blogettes!
Haven't updated on blogspot in a while so I thought I would do so now. I find making videos is a little more better and faster because u can just record and then whenever its convenient for u, u can just edit vid and upload. Writing is a little too boring for me idk when it comes to beauty I perfer making vids than blogging unless its something really short like this blog today, hehe! Oh yes as u can tell by the picture above I cut my own bangs and decided to bring back them blunt fringes.

So if u still don't follow me on twitter u should! I upload lots of random pixs on there and we can get to know each other better too. Anywho, I tweeted about finding the perfect hot neon pink lipstick. It seems to be a hot trend amongst many of the hollywood celebrities and well I looooove hot neon PINK, what girl doesn't *shrugs shoulders*

Little did I know all along I had that baby hiding under all my other lipsticks. There she was just starring right at me EEEeeeK! Let me tell u this color looks flattering on all skin types!The lipstick has a blue undertone to it which enhances the white in your teeth giving u the most stunning pearly whites without going to the dentist lol!

No but seriously check this color out if u are interested in the hot pinks!

NYX"Chloe" L/S

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sonia Kashuk Highlighting Brush

I find that this brush is great for stippling in and blending out foundation. Unfortunately not just any foundation can work well with this brush. Throughout my experimenting with this brush I find that it works well with any kind of foundations that are lightweight and and not so thick in consistency.

The Purpose of this brush is to help contour and highlight different parts of the face. But I find that hard to acheive with this brush due to the following reason:

Bristles are flimsy- they are not dense enough to give you the right amount or correct placing to the area being applied.

If the bristles were more packed in towards each other instead of easily spreading away from each other I think this could possibly work for contouring.

As for highlighting I think it can work but u might get some on the apples of your cheek. You can always make it work by holding and pressing in the bristles together with your fingers instead of holding the handle of the brush.

The brush can be used for blush but again I feel that it will be to messy due to the lack of denseness of the bristles. I simply lightly brush the product on my cheeks and try not to press the brush against your face in order to keep the brush dense.

As for bronzer I think this can work great. If you like to apply your bronzer all over the face this will work for you. The brush picks up the perfect amount of bronzer while giving you the ability of blending it out easily with its soft bristles.

(the bristles are dirty with foundation)

I honestly find this brush better for stippling on foundation. Actually I only use it for that reason. A couple of good things about it is that it is affordable
(12.99), easy to clean and the bristles don't fall out on your face while applying product.

Other than that I love the white handle with the silver entailing around the bristles, brings elegance to the brush.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wet n Wild Beauty Products

Hi babygirlsss!

Just wanted to do a little review/demo on some products. In my opinion wet n wild products are great!!!! Not only because their so affordable but most important is that the quality is amazing for a drugstore brand. I been using wet n wild products since I was in middle school which is over 10 years ago =( But yes I aways loved them and I'm still glad their around!

I signed up for their vip thingy they have for free and they sent me over these two products which I absolutely enjoy. The bronzer they sent me was one that i already had in my makeup stash but hey i didn't mind receiving another one FREE =)

Also I received a waterproof mascara which is great. Works very well its smudge proof water proof even sweat proof(went to the gym with it on)haha. It does a good job at lengthing and darkening my lashes, ADORE IT!

The bronzer is the perfect shade for my skin not too dark or light. Even if your a shade or two darker than me it will look great because the color payoff is wonderful. Very pigmented. It doesn't go on heavly so even if u get too much on your brush it will apply naturally on the skin. But on the other hand the color is very buildable. So thats pretty much it on these products thanks for following my blog!

I will also be doing a demo on how to apply mascara and lengthen lashes, using the wet n wild mascara. Check it out at my channel

...I haven't been sleeping good hence the bags =( the dress i have on!!

...this bronzer is a beauty my GAAAASH!

...oh and on my lips is my new favo lipstain from revlon =)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blush Glow

Want to create this glowy cheek makeup wear as well as learning some cool blush application techniques?? Check it out @

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kardashian Smokey Eye

Since the smokey kim kardashian eyes are very in i wanted to join the fun and try my own spin on it..but im not sure whether to do a tut on it??...ahh bleh don't know

Picture taken with my iphone my cameras acting up.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

DIY Tiffany & Co. Key Heart Chain

Hey wanna learn how to make simple, trendy jewelry on your own?
Check out my how to vid at my youtube channel.

Friday, August 27, 2010

NYX TRIO "Serengeti"

NYX "tea rose"
NYX "circe"

Check out the tutorial on it at

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WetnWild Coloricon Palette "VANITY"

Jordana BluSh "coral sandy beach"
Sally Hansen Smile Brightening gloss "Twinkling"

The palettes are amazing for only 4 bucks and some change.. WOW! u Couldn't ask for more!
The shadows are not chalky at all they are smooth! Comes with six shades, one row is with all Matte shadows the other has Shimmery shadows. Hopefully these palettes are a permanent for their makeup line.

I have a vid on this not sure if I should post let a gal know if u would like to see the vid ;)
Take Care!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ain't IT Funny! JLo Inspired

Hey girlfriends!

I decided to do a similar look to JLo's makeup in the pic above because I thought it would be a great easy neutral everyday Eye wear to do. Im very into corals so what really called my attention was the color on her lips. I want to find one like that but don't know what color that may be. I incorperated some other looks I did with the Rimmel Glam eyes shadows in "spicy bronze". Let me know if I should do a tutorial on any of these looks? And please leave me some feedback PLEASE =)

In the picture below is my current fave
L/g by Revlon in "coral reef" will do a review on these gloses soon!

Friday, August 6, 2010


WOW these sandals look hot! Mainly the ones to our left!! Mary kay and Ashley Olsen have an awesome sense of style..I wonder if there r similar sandals like this out on the market..def keeping my eyes out for these............

If any of u encounter these please let me know asap!!
I will be posting a jennifer lopez look using my new rimmel glam eye shadows in my upcoming posts so stay tuned!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

JORDANA Eye Primer Base

Today I did my hair and let me tell you I am loving it! thanks to my hubbie he has such a sweet mommy =) Will blog or tube bout it soon..QUESTION!Have you ever felt like u had so much stuff to do even tho its only like two things but its two things u don't really wanna do so it feels like such a drag and so much to do??, idk im silly like that.

Ok so onto subject: Introducing----JORDANA Eye Primer Base
If your new to the game an eye primer is what we use before applying eyeshadow to help shadow last longer,prevent eye shadow creasing and enhance the color of the shadow.

The jane primer is great for accomplishing 2 out of the 3 things I mentioned. It doesn't really enhance the eye shadow color more and if you have an eye shadow with some mild sparkle it won't really pick up the sparkles kinda just make it look flat or shall I say MATTE. For the shimmer shadows it will show the shimmer but not to it's full potential. Other than that for the price it is an excellent primer but in my opinion I will only use it with my matte eye shadows.

ABOVE: with primer BELOW: without primer

U can see a slight difference it hides more of the sheen from the copper shadow with the primer...what do u think? Make sure your clicking on the pics to enlarge photo!

I found my Jordana eye primer at and ordered it for only 1.99, yes cheap stuff can do the tricks and trades of the game too;>

Im gonna do an experiment tho and see how it works mixing it with my nyx concealer knowing that you can use concealer as a base why not give it a shot! Let's see if it helps out the vibrancy more, hehe is that even a word? Well who cares sounded cute.
I will report back to u on the next blog about it and my next post will probably be on some cute nail polishes or blush reviews!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rimmel London Mono Glam Eye Eyeshadows

(No mascara, quick rough draft so u can see the colors, need some plucking

Hats off to rimmel london on adding more pigmentation to their new glam eye shadows!! There are 6 different shades, So far I have tried the "Spicy Bronze" and "Royal Violet". In the picture above "royal violet" is on my lid and in my crease I have "spicy bronze" just in case it isn't obvious =)

My fave out of the two is spicy bronze due to it's lovely shimmer/sheen. Royal violet is a bit too chalky but pigmentation is great. They sell them for 2.99 at walmart, anywhere else their sold for 3.99

I used my new eye primer from Jane before applying the shades to my lid,
I will do a review on the primer soon
so stay tuned.

I plan on getting the other blue shades and the white shade not the charcoal one because I have one from nyx that I love but who knows I might just get the rimmel too. Let me know if any of you girls tried these. Will do more looks with these shadows and post them up.

Hope this helps someone out with their purchasing =) until then....DUECES.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wet n' wild Mega Last Matte Lipstick " Think Pink"

One of my favorite inexpensive l/s for the summer is wet n' wild think pink(901b)
It's a matte finish with no shine or moisture but the color payoff is awesome for just $3!! The color reminds me of the mac lipstick in angel. So if your looking for a cheaper dupe to that mac l/s I say try the wet n' wild lippie.

Lasting power is average.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Teal and Brown EYES

Hello long time no blog WHOOOO! Missed doing this blogging stuff, hopefully nobody has forgotten me..well I created this eye look for today because i will be dining out with the hubbie tonight! YAYY! Sooo here are the products used in the vid:

Maybelline superstay 24hr makeup
ABH Moiturizer
Revlon Beyond Natural Concealer
Jane-Loose Powder"translucent"
Wet n wild Minerals Loose blush"rose shimmer"

Rimmel Glam Eyes"spicy bronze"
Mac e/s"Shimmermoss"
Elf quad"butternut"
Revlon illuminance cream shadows"copper canyon"
sonia kashuk eyelashes
NYC waterproof liner"black"
Almay waterproof mascara black

Wet n wild l/s"901B"