Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Suspender Revolution

Suspenders Forever Meng =)
I am in love with suspenders this week, month, year and FOREVER. I think they are a great accessory/add on to your outfit, that is of course with the right outfit.
I just bought mine at forever 21 for $5 and I love it!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nail Polish SwaggaaAh

Wet'n'Wild Wild Shine Nail Polish

Wet n' wild is stepping their nail polish game up! I am in love with these wet'n' wild wild shine polishes. First and foremost they are DIRT CHEAP! You can get them for .97 cents, secondly, they are the shiniest np I have ever seen without having to put on a shiny top coat over the np.
You only need one coat to get some color but i prefer two coats because I find that the true color shows more with two coats. It brings alot of np in one of those little bottles which is also a plus. The only thing is that they do chip but not right
away that's if you use a top coat
over the np. They will last on your nails for about a week without chipping depending how good your top coat is and how much you do with your hands because if you do dishes they might just chip a little =/
Besides that everything is all good with these np. From left to right: Sparked, Red Red, Blazed, Forbidden Love, Clear Nail Protector. Forbidden love reminds me of an OPI color I believe it's called "time less is more" and blazed is like a dupe for Orly"festival lights"They have a decent wide range of different colors to choose from. I plan on getting lots more. I'm dying for a aqua, hot pink and yellow NP. If u know any good cheap brands that have these colors please let me know.

PURE ICE Nail Polishes
What can I say bout these bad girls, simply...I just adore these a little more than wet'n'wilds. The color payoff is great. You will only need one coat and u get the exact color u see in the bottle. They have an abundant amount of different colors. Some are matte finishes, frosty, sparkly and metallic finishes. Their definitely not as shiny but their not dull looking at all but like every nail polish, it's better when the np shines and BLINGS IN YO FACE!! lol
Soooo from left to right: Rumors, Taupe Drawer(pale purple/flash changed the color), Jaguar(gold w/tiny sparkles)
I love taupe drawer it's my fave at the moment and it is definitely a dupe for OPI "Parles Vouz" Their a bit more pricey maybe around $3 I believe but none the less still a great price!
All these nail polishes including wet'n'wild's go on smooth and non streaky which is a
Well these nail polishes have been approved by me and I say go ot and try them their great ;)