Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Avon's Advance Techniques

SOoo ladies I been on the hunt for good cheap hair products and I came across this advance techniques hair serum. This serum is specifically for dry ends. It helps tame those flyaways/frizzies and repairs dry damaged hair while smoothing out the hair.

Let me just say its been only a couple of days I been using this and so far so good definitely see some results! It really tames them flyaways and smooths out the hair leaving it shiny and silky. Also it has UV-filters for added sun protection.

It's not expensive at all only $4.99 and right now it's on sale for 3.99 at avon.com. The product smells divine, it leaves the hair smelling so fresh and clean.

I want to use it for at least a month or so that way I can give a more detailed review on this product. I use to use the garnier fructise serum but I find the advance techniques to be waaaaaay better..the quality is way more finer than fructis. But anyways be on the look out for that review on my youtube channel ladies.

This is one of my fave products of the month, more to come!<333