Thursday, July 29, 2010

JORDANA Eye Primer Base

Today I did my hair and let me tell you I am loving it! thanks to my hubbie he has such a sweet mommy =) Will blog or tube bout it soon..QUESTION!Have you ever felt like u had so much stuff to do even tho its only like two things but its two things u don't really wanna do so it feels like such a drag and so much to do??, idk im silly like that.

Ok so onto subject: Introducing----JORDANA Eye Primer Base
If your new to the game an eye primer is what we use before applying eyeshadow to help shadow last longer,prevent eye shadow creasing and enhance the color of the shadow.

The jane primer is great for accomplishing 2 out of the 3 things I mentioned. It doesn't really enhance the eye shadow color more and if you have an eye shadow with some mild sparkle it won't really pick up the sparkles kinda just make it look flat or shall I say MATTE. For the shimmer shadows it will show the shimmer but not to it's full potential. Other than that for the price it is an excellent primer but in my opinion I will only use it with my matte eye shadows.

ABOVE: with primer BELOW: without primer

U can see a slight difference it hides more of the sheen from the copper shadow with the primer...what do u think? Make sure your clicking on the pics to enlarge photo!

I found my Jordana eye primer at and ordered it for only 1.99, yes cheap stuff can do the tricks and trades of the game too;>

Im gonna do an experiment tho and see how it works mixing it with my nyx concealer knowing that you can use concealer as a base why not give it a shot! Let's see if it helps out the vibrancy more, hehe is that even a word? Well who cares sounded cute.
I will report back to u on the next blog about it and my next post will probably be on some cute nail polishes or blush reviews!


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