Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Elle VideoStar

Check me out and vote for me at: http://videostar.elle.com/library/hair-curly/newest So I decided to enter in the contest that Elle magazine is hosting. It's just for fun but if u do win you get a $250 worth of cosmetic products and a chance to appear as the videostar of Elle's magazine! Even though lots of famous youtube beauty gurus have entered I still went on and added mine as well. I encourage all u ladies out there that do videos on beauty enter the contest!! It will be super fun and you can enter as many videos as you like. I am guessing they determine the winner by picking the video that has the most views.. So hurry up ladies and send those vids in!

I was also requested to do a playboy look SOOOOOOOOO this is what I came up with..Hope u likes!!! I f interested in watching the step by step process on how to achieve this look click here: http://www.youtube.com/user/beautymarxed

Tried to be a bit creative in this pix lol..
Anyway good day all!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck=)
Love this look!Going to watch your video to see what shadow you used..

Valerie said...

Gorgeous! I love your l/s!!! =)
Pink is love!