Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mac Rose it up!


I replicated the look that I had on my youtube what's in your purse vid...some of u blogettes wanted to see a tut on it so i decided to do it but I kinda switched it up a bit. Instead of the orginal look which had revved up pigment on the lid I replaced it with rose pigment. Also, for the original look I deepened my crease with sketch this time i did it with a black e/s from my 56 coastal scents palette! Then I decided to add a different lip color from milani in bella-tini. I loooove that lip color anyway check it out, click on this link--->

This is the original look with
revved up pig. and sketch e/s

New look with rose pigment and black e/s in crease
I really like how this one came out better

Let me know which one is your fave one, i would love to know! If you have any questions ask away!! Hope everyone is having a nice day.....


eugene said...

i like to see beautiful things, people alike, so when i dropped by from Jackie's site,i am amazed,,,,,,my verdict is i like the last one,,,it looks sexy and exudes certain kind of
Marllyn Monroe sexiness,not overdone but decently done with subtle sexiness....

hey alert me when you have new update,i will sure fly by here again and have a look at it,ya?

take care now and good day,,,,,

Jess said...

I am loving this look! The red/pink color looks really gorgeous and unique at the same time. I really want to try out this look :)

MISS FOREX said...

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BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

i love it girl. i also like the one that with sketch.