Friday, August 14, 2009

Kim Kardashian Inspired Makeup

Hey bloggers =)

I am so deeply excited for what I'm about to tell u lol. I don't know why this excites me so much but it does and it makes me feel special hahaha.. Well if u can tell by the picture, u probably can't because it's so small but...I am #89 MOST SUBSCRIBED GURU OF THE MONTH!!! YAY =)

That makes me feel proud of myself, yes I know I am a loser and actually took pictures of it hahaha

Anyway back to what I was really gonna tell u..I made this new kim kardashian inspired look for a contest that princessannie is hosting. If u haven't checked her out please do, she's super sweet.

Kim K is such a hottie and she has great style and gorgeous makeup and hair! And so many girls wanna look like her lmao..anyway If u wanna check out how I did this look and what products I used click on this link--->

my eyes look so eveil lmao..
anyway take care everyone!


Glitterish Allsorts said...

congratulations! That is something to feel proud off considering how many youtubers are out there, well done :)

ps: I really like this look, am totally gonna try and copy it! x

Arezu said...

Congrats on your accomplishment!

And Kim is HOTTTTTTT, and you recreated that look beautifully! I'm going to check your tutorial out when I come home from work.

BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

gorgeous, very gorgeous!!!

Cristina [BarbieLuvsMac] said...

wow you did an amazing job!!!

Beauty Spot Craze said...

thank you so much for the wonderful comments girls =)

Solange said...

loving this look :)