Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No More Dry Toe Cuticles!

Hey Ladies so summer is right around the corner but for me UNFORTUNATELY it's all year round. We know we want to have them hands and toes looking fresssh so i introduce you to sally hansen cuticle massage cream. A while back I found this product at walmart for $6 bucks I think and a little goes a loooong way. Had the cream for about 6 months and the consistency is still good as new. Basically what I really use it for is for my toes cuticles because I tend to dry up around those areas. It works great makes my toes look super soft and smooth. It has a peachy/apricot scent to it which smells sooo good. Not overly greasy at all and absorbs quickly into the skin. Soothes hangnails as well. It is also suppose to make your nails stronger and grow faster but I don't agree with that due to my experience with the product. I also use it before I remove my cuticles. (FYI: Pulling back nail cuticles helps nails grow faster!) I massage in some cream on my cuticles and surrounding skin then push back my cuticles so it makes it easier and doesn't damage the skin around my nails. I rate it a 5/5 Any other hand/ toe creams you recommend, I want to know!!?

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