Friday, April 2, 2010

Let's Blaze it up!

Introducing the hottest blazer in the world!! She's my new best friend and I only got her for $15 at Jcpenny. Of course she was on sale, her original price was $60
Had to get me it because I'm learning more and more about this lil blazer trend and hunnies their not just for work now. They make a FASHION STATEMENT! They can be dressed up and down which I loooove so much. And since I am getting older I want to learn to dress more age appropiate because the last thing I wanna do is be 50 years old and still be wearing spandex tights and a short tight top lol
These are two of y favorite jewlery pieces from my stash
bracelet from jcpenny and necklace from forever 21

These sandals are my fave right now..I seen them before at Wilsons Leather Store but they were $20 and the were all black BUT I told myself thats too much for some cheap ass sandals SOOO I waited to see if they would go on sale for a while and with no intent of looking elsewhere for them GUESS WHAT.....YES i found them at walmart for only 10 freaken dollars!

Ahhh toes! I think their the ugliest part on a human being LOL
It's rare for someone to have cute toes


Naty1129 said...

love your new layout and cute outfit!

Beautymarxed said...

@naty1129 thanks naty I'm loving your blog the pictures come out real nice :)

Lyricallyness said...

i want me a blazer!!!!! lol