Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hope you remember my perfume on u, After I..

If u don't know already by the title that's a line in one of chris browns songs. It's called "Perfume" and I love that song it's sexy =)
coincidentally my short post is on the perfume I'm loving at the moment lol, So yes i ADORE juicy couture especially their bags and clothing but my favorite is their perfumes!

THE ORGINAL my first love
from juicy

also by juicy couture

Both of these perfumes have a decent staying power
the smell doesn't fade away so fast
but the orginal is a more stronger scent than the viva la juicy.
if you are looking for a perfume that has a very long staying power and can be smelled from a 10 mile distance, well that's a slight exaggeration but
check out

This perfume gets me compliments all the time ALL DAY from women and MEN! One of the best perfumes of all time in my opinion! Me and my mom are obssessed with it. All u need is literally one spray and u will smell it instantly with no effort. It also has a lotion perfume and it has the best staying power FOR A LOTION.


Caramel Diva said...

Great post! I also love Juicy Couture perfumes

I've never smelled the YSL but I'm sure it smells amazing based on your love for juicy perfumes:)

Beautymarxed said...

@caramelDiva yes it does smell great u will love it:)

Hav BwB said...

wow I love the blazer and I dig the way you accesorized with it, very cute.