Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nuesrta Belleza Latinas

If u don't know bout this beauty pageant already check it out on univision if u like watching stuff like that. So my favorite contestant had to be Juliet Cabrera because of her amazing sex appeal. Out of all the beautiful ladies She stood out more to me because she has this natural sex appeal about her. Also her rock hard abs, looks kinda of manly for my taste but she is the most fit out of all of them. Anyways she was disqualified so in honor of her participation on the show I decided to do this makeup look she had on the show before they dismissed her.

Check out the live step by step how to vid on my channel and comment. Let me know what u think, it's boring when nobody comments =/ feels like I'm talking to myself. Anyways here is the look, enjoy my mini photoshoot session I had with my cam =)

Click on the video for the tutorial.


Mare said...

i like the look! keep up the videos.. & what happened to your twitter??

rayonna said...

I like it!