Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Makeover

Hello pretties!

I decided to do a much needed little makeover...Unfortunately my lil ol' desk needed a little more UMPH! & SPAZZ! So as I was browsing online at different blog spots I came across this blog who i got this idea from but I cant remember which one it was because it was a while back. But if she is reading this THANK U LOTS for the idea.

In the process of trying to clean out my room and get rid of the old to have more space and what not I came across that great idea from that blog. As I sat there wondering if I should throw away my old sobby looking desk I realized it just needed a quick touch up!

With a lil white paint I had left over from a while ago all I did was paint over the black


...TAA DAA!! Looks brand new and more spring like hehehe.

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