Saturday, March 27, 2010

BerryFul Spring

Hello dolls!

So far it's been a beautiful spring. The weather has been on it's best behavior and I'm loving it! I wanted to share some lippies I'm loving this spring. For some reason I'm loving plumy/lavenderish shades this spring. Also I been mix and matching my l/s which is awesome beacuse it gives me a variation of lip shades to wear and I always feel like it's a new l/s everytime hehe, just call me SPUNKY! ;-P

Left:Thalia Right:Violet ray

I am not a big fan of dark burgundy lips or dark l/s in general. Keep in mind that the violet ray is much darker in person as well as the thalia l/s. But I find that when mixing the two of these shades it gives you a beautiful deep rose lavendar neautral look! I wear this almost everyday with a neautral eye and I get so many compliments everytime I wear it.

Left:Baby Pink Right:Pandora

Hahaha don't mind the have chopped off l/s but idk how this happened I opened it one day and it was crushed =( ANYWAYS, these two paired together are amazing they give you this amazing vibrant lavendar shade. Not too extreme or too pale just PERFECT! Mind you, I always put the darker l/s as the base then the lighter one on top of it. Baby pink by itself is a gorgeous color If you like those pastel pink/lavendar lips, I SURE DO!

Milani "bellatini"

I A.D.O.R.E this shade it is much more on the plumy side than it shows on the picture. But this is a fabulous color works lovely with neutral or dramatic eye looks. It has a yummy smell too! Everytime I smell it it makes me want to eat it NO JOKE. I am inlove with milani l/s because I find that their texture/smell/staying power is AMAZING! I have other milani l/s but I will show those some other time hehehe. Until next time here are the swatches of all the lippies.

Left to right: Bellatini,Pandora,Violet ray,Thalia,Baby pink

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