Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010 with some reviews!!

Happy New Years!!

Starting off 2010 with 3 reviews all of them inexpensive and work great! Let's start off with my nyx concealer I did a review on my youtube channel on this.

Basically what I said was that the concealer does wonders at covering up blemishes but it's a drying, accentuates fine lines and not easy to blend. But what I recently found is that if you add a little bit of water to the concealer brush it will help moisten the concealer and make it easier to blend. Also, the jar seems small but it is packed with a lot of product to last you for more than two months. The concealer can last for a little over 8 hours. They have 3 color options I think.. my color is in beige. Only $5 at

The next review is the NYC Waterproof pencil eyeliner. It definitely is waterproof and does not smudge at all. The color payoff is great! What I find it's easier to apply on the top and bottom lash line but in the waterline u kind of have to run it through back and forth a couple times to get the color to show. It is able to last for 8 hours or more on the top and bottom lash line but in the waterline maybe for 6 hours will update on the waterline because I'm not so sure yet. Only 3.99 at any drugstore.

My last review is on the Loreal Original Voluminous mascara. My lashes pretty much don't need that much lengthening in my opinion but more volume. This mascara provides both and it is by far my favorite mascara at the moment! It's not to liquid or clumpy and it does not flake. The color payoff is great, it's dark enough to provide that volume and bring out those lashes. One coat would be good for me but I love applying two coats or more for extra volume. It's only $8 at any drugstore.

Hope this helped out if u want to ask me more
questions on the products please don't hesitate
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Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

oooh ive been wanting to try that volumounous mascaraa.

Pop Champagne said...

cool post, yeah surprsingly NYC eyeliners are actually really good! I find my white NYC >>> my white ELF ha!

Msz Trin. ♥ said...

I've been meaning to pick up that mascara, and always forget too! :D Thanks for the reminder. Thanks for sharing.. I want to try that concealer now, too!

Cydia Angie said...

those are my FAVORITEEEEEEEEEEEEEE mascara =]