Friday, January 22, 2010

Current Faves

Just wanted to share a couple of my current favorite items:

Love this blush, the color payoff is amazing! I usually don't like anything from this brand(except the vinyl lip gloss) because the color payoff suxs. The only reason why I actually bought it was because I got it on sale for 70 cents lol the original price is $4 or $5.

I love these glosses even though the color payoff is not that intense but the shine is great and it last for a couple of hours on the lips if u don't eat anything like any old lip gloss.

But it smells great and has a smooth texture and it does not have a liquid like consistency it's more of a creamy texture which is great! This color adds a hint of pink to the lips but u will barely see it. Since my lips are pretty pale I can notice the color better. I also have the one in "purity" which is a nude gloss that one is very pretty looks great on top of any lipsticks as does the "rhythm" gloss as well. Maybe that's y I love these glosses so much.

These lashes are very lushful lol. They are very dramatic so if that's how u like your lashes then definitely do try these. Found them at my dollar store for $2.50 too bad they weren't a dollar. But it's still a great price it also brings a plastic holder to help u grip the lashes and put them on your eye instead of using tweezers or your hand. Haven't tried the glue yet but I am going to do that.


Lisa said...

I love that blush! I also got it during a sale, 75% at CVS. The staying power is good, and the color is amazing!

Arezu said...

I hear you on the Rimmel stuff, I bought one of their single eye shadows once, and the pay-off sucked.

I think I might pick up one of their blushes after reading this though.

Pop Champagne said...

mmm yeah what I find with Rimmel is hit and miss, some of their stuff is great and others the color doesn't show etc. Thanks for the review!

Tineasha said...

omg thta blush is so so pretty i love it!

i am now following your blog:)