Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tyra's National Real Hair Day

Hey hey hey! Hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend...I had a great one with my fam. We did barbQ's and had wine and all that good stuff. So this is a random blog about.......... TYRA BANKS! Well let me tell you how much I love this lady, she cracks me up especially on her talk show. Love her style and makeup and of course her HAIRSTYLES!!

Her new season premiere started September 7 or 8th I think but anyways she declared to do a national "real" hair day on September 8, 2009. Throughout the season she will be wearing her real hair at times and other times she will wear her weaves. I love this idea because she is showing people that it's ok to look natural and still look beautiful just like when she did the episode without makeup and the cellulite one. It's a great idea because the media now and days is all about consuming and very deceiving they make it seem like you have to have the perfect lips, eyes, body, hair, this and that! But anyways I think her hair is beautiful naturally! All it takes a little lesson on how to wear basic makeup or basic hairstyling tips to look good, thank god for youtube and all them great makeup/hair gurus! Well what do u girl's think of tyra's hair?

Her stylist came on the show to do her hair..
Results are below:

And I didnt get to watch mondays episode but i know that on that show tyra kissed rapper lil Bow wow!!!!!! I KNOW CRAZY RIGHT?? What is really good with her, I mean for real?? lol

They were doing this little freestyle rap thing and tyra started her little freestyle and towards the end she was just saying "give me a kiss on the lips bow wow" LMAO watch this clip of them

ANWHOOOO moving on here are some bridal picture looks that I did for my youtube channel thingy
This camera washes the colors out!
It's def more dramatic in person
Trust me.

Let's talk smoothies ladies..yes smootheis as in drink. I loooooove making smoothies especially banana strawberry smoothies! I decided to let u in on my secret recipe to making my home made straberry and banana smoothie. If you don't like/allergic to bananas u can substitute it for something else or just have it with strawberries only.

Frozen straberries
1 banana
any kind of fruit juice i use "tropicana-tropical punch"
ice cubes

Once you have everything dump it all in the blender and mix it away! It should look something like this....

MmmmmmMMMm Gulp Gulp Ahhhh Goood!!
Have a good one!


Caramel Diva said...

Tyra really wants some rating!

kissing lil Bow Wow lol Wow!

Arezu said...

I saw that hair episode! I loved her natural hair, especially when her stylist was done with it. And I didn't know she kissed bow wow, damn!

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

mmm...the smoothie recipe sounds delicious :)

i love tyra. shes soo funny and i love the things she does on her show.

Lisa said...

Tyra's a little odd, lols =)
Beautiful bridal photos!

*LandOfLaLa* said...

I ♥ Tyra, she's so funny. I saw parts of that episode, I guess I missed the part she kissed bow wow lol.

That Smoothie recipe sounds really good! :)


youre so pretty, i think you look best with the natural look :)

Margaret said...

Haha, I envy Tyra. Her hair is gorgeous.
& you are so pretttyy! I love the eyeshadoow! :DD

& thanks for the recipe. I'm definitely gonna try it out. I've been craving some fruits. (: